Pukka Herbs - Clean Greens & Turmeric Supplement Review

I live a pretty hectic life. Working a fast-pased, high-pressured job which can often fall out of the 9-5 hours means if I don't look after myself or take time out, I'll start to feel under the weather. Add Chronic Fatigue into that and most days are a struggle. Supplements are essential to my everyday wellbeing.

I attended the Pukka blogger's event in Whole Foods Market, London back in July and I learnt that not only do Pukka produce Tea, they produce a wide range of organic supplements. I was kindly sent their Wholistic Turmeric and Clean Greens Capsules to try and here are my thoughts.

Clean Greens Capsules
These capsules are an organic blend of 11 green super foods including Spirulina, Nettle leaf and Grass juice. The formula is packed full of highest organic grade of sustainably cultivated herbs and fruits so you can rest assured it's as nature intended. Pukka note on their website that this blend naturally supports the body's ability to cope better with our polluted environment and supplement our diet.

I'm awful at getting my 5 a day and these capsules have helped me work towards that. I have been taking one a day for over a month now and I have noticed some positive changes. I suffer from IBS and I have had less cramping and constipation while taking these. Getting up in the morning is easier and I do feel like I have more energy throughout the day.

If you struggle taking capsules, you can purchase this blend in powder form as well which can be mixed with water, added to smoothies or even made into ice lollies. I sampled the powder form at the blogger event and I was so surprised at how nice it tasted. The dark green colour may put you off, but it really doesn't taste how it looks and Ill definitely be purchasing it once the capsules run out. I would recommend this blend to anyone suffering with low energy levels, digestive concerns or anyone looking to up their green intake.

Check out the Pukka Clean Greens Smoothie Recipe here

Turmeric Wholistic Capsules
You may or may not have heard the recent hype of Turmeric which has popped up again in the media. Turmeric has actually been used for many different purposes for thousands of years. In fact, it has many uses and is proven to benefit us in so many ways. A quick search online will bring up 100's of benefits including treating joint pain and arthritis, preventing many health problems, boosting the immune system and encouraging healthy skin. Plants are powerful things!

The Wholistic Technique
Pukka's "Wholistic" technique uses a combination of extractions which capture the broadest spectrum of compounds found in plants including it's essential oils, waxes, resins and pigments. This means the final product is several times more potent than the standard herb supplements on offer. This type of extraction is also good for the environment as it doesn't use harmful chemicals such as acetone and methanol (which aren't good for our planet or ourselves!) which is usually used to extract herbal compounds.

I have been taking one capsule a day for a month and I have noticed a significant improvement to my complexion. I get less spots and overall my skin looks a lot brighter. I feel more confident in not wearing full foundation which I'm so happy about as I've always worried about my skin.

As for my joints, they have helped to ease my everyday pain and alongside my regular magnesium baths, I have noticed a positive change. Although my joint pain will never fully go away, it's great to find a natural alternative to medication.

I will definitely be buying these again, as for me, it's impossible to ignore the benefits of this wonderful plant.

You can check out the full range of Pukka supplements here

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