November Oxford Street LUSH Haul

At the beginning of November, the boyfriend and I went to London to see Jurassic Park live in concert at the Royal Albert Hall which was AMAZING. If you've never been to the orchestral film performances, I highly recommend it. It was better than I expected and the architecture is beautiful. I couldn't go to London without visiting Lush Oxford Street. We popped in and must have spent at the most 30 minutes in there and ended up spending £70, which so easily done. Here's a look at what we picked up.

Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream

LOM is one of my favourite scents from Lush. It can only be purchased over the Halloween/Christmas period in regular stores or can be picked up exclusively in the Oxford Street store all year round. The two main ingredients in this product are black pepper and Patchouli which really stands out and gives it it's unique scent. As you can see, the colour is incredible and is definitely one of the brighter Lush Shower Creams. A lasting scent that will leaving you smelling yourself all day. Also available in a bath bomb, which comes with a little surprise.

Vanillary Perfume
Lush have a great range of perfumes and Vanillary is one of my favourites. If you've tried the Vanilla Dee-Lite body lotion, you'll know this scent. With a creamy vanilla, caramel and tonka scent, you'll literally want to eat it. You only need a couple of squirts and I find it does last all day. I just wish the perfumes were a bit cheaper, the 10ml is £16 and I use it so quickly. It's probably more cost effective to buy the 30ml and will definitely pick up this next time.

Boom! and Creme De Menthe Tabs
I love the whole idea of the Lush tabs. With the toothy tabs, pop one in your mouth, nibble and brush away. The tab starts to foam and leaves your mouth feeling so clean afterwards. The Boom! toothy tabs contain Charcoal, Sea Salt and Black Pepper and with a taste of cola, it's definitely one of the more pleasant tasting tabs I've tried. It can be quite messy with the Charcoal in it but as long as you're not walking around while brushing, you'll be fine.
The Creme De Menthe Mouthwash tabs are life changing. So handy, you can just pop them in your bag and they are perfect for freshening up throughout the day. Pop one in, nibble and take a sip of water. The tab starts to fizz and this is where you start swilling! It's great to find an alcohol free and cruelty free mouthwash that doesn't contain any nasties. With a little lustre added in, you'll feel like a fairy princess.

Dirty Body Spray
I've been hassling the boyfriend to try cruelty free products and with the more masculine products available from Lush, I didn't have to try too hard. I first bought him the Dirty Spring wash shower gel which he loved the scent of and so did I. It certainly has a unique scent that isn't overpowering and the body spray comes in the cutest packaging and a reasonable size for the price. This is a firm favourite of many lushies and not just guys! 

Never Mind the Ballistics Bath Bomb

I haven't used this yet but the boyfriend picked this out as he loves the scent of bananas. I'm not usually a fan of banana but I'm totally willing to give this a try. I can imagine it's going to look beautiful in the bath and the pink side is really waxy which I imagine will be really moisturising. I always cut up my bath bombs to get the more than one use out of them. I reckon I'll get a couple of baths out of this!

Don't Look At Me Fresh Face Mask
Last but not at all least. This is one of my favourite fresh masks out of the range. A fun blue mask with a lovely scent of lemons. I have combination skin and this is great for spots and dry areas. It has a gentle exfoliation and I give my face a good scrub when I'm washing the mask off. It's so good at getting rid of oil and leaves your skin feeling super soft and matte. With a use by date of just a month, you know it's fresh and working wonders on your skin.

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