My Favourite Cruelty Free Makeup Brands, Their Products and Why

The awareness of animal testing is greater than ever and there so many cruelty free brands on offer. Whether you want to splash out, save a few pennies or love a good dupe, there's something for everyone.

Here I talk about my favourite makeup brands and why.

Eyes Lips Face launched in New York in 2004 and produces good quality budget make up. They are PETA certified and do not sell any products in China (China have strict testing regulations on finish products and use animals to do this). I love their Studio line and my favourite products include the Flawless finish foundation, (£7.50) the Studio Contouring Blush and Bronzing cream (£4.50) and the Studio eyebrow kit (£4.50), sooooo cheap! 

I received an E.L.F eyeshadow palette set for Christmas and was really surprised at how pigmented they are. I'm not an everyday eyeshadow wearer so when I do wear it, I like bold colours and I really love the shades in both!

Their cruelty free statement:


Obviously this is great news. Bad news is L'oreal purchased NYX and even though L'oreal they say they don't test on animals, they sell their products in China. I guess it's down to how you approach this, I choose to still purchase NYX but I certainly wouldn't purchase L'oreal.

The reason I love NYX so much? Their range of products and the shades available. Whether you prefer natural tones or love a bold lip, they have something for everyone. I love the soft matte lip creams, they are really hydrating and very different from other matte lip lines that are really drying and rigid (maybe not the best way to describe it but I hate that dry, solid feeling). There are so many shades to try and at £5 a piece you could collect them all!

My favourite products by far are the new Hydra powder foundation and Matte setting spray. Together they give a flawless matte finish which really does last all day. If I run out of the setting spray, I use the mineral setting powder (shown above) which is great but nothing beats that setting spray. If you only remember one thing from reading this, REMEMBER THIS. They are a match made in heaven.

Inika is a luxurious, organic make up brand. They are proudly cruelty free and vegan. I'm sure you know, when buying foundation online, it can be difficult to establish a match and if you order the wrong shade of a £30 foundation, its can be a waste of money BUT fear not! Inika sell a travel essentials kit which contains sample sizes of their primer, mineral powder foundation and their liquid foundation. It also comes with a handy kabuki brush (shown above).

Why do I love Inika? The fact their products are free of any nasties and are completely natural. Their primer and foundations smell INCREDIBLE and you can tell they are packed with goodness from the smell. If I could afford to buy the whole line of products from Inika, I would but I just can't justify spending £50 on a foundation and primer alone!

Nothing more to say, really. I love LUSH and everything they stand for (if you hadn't already guessed) Their lipsticks are wonderful, so creamy and really pigmented. Have a ganders when you next go in!

Barry M
Another favourite budget cruelty free brand, Barry M have some lovely products. DID YOU KNOW THEY'RE VEGAN? Yep, apparently so. I really dig their mascaras, I only ever use Barry M ones as they're super cheap and get the job done. Barry M are known for their bright, bold colours but I actually love their natural nail polish shades and will definitely be purchasing their new coconut infused polishes. After all, coconut is god.

Urban Decay
A high end cruelty free brand, if you're a make up enthusiast, you more than likely own at least one of the Naked palettes. They are beautiful beautiful palettes. I have the old Book of Shadows Vol II and it's literally falling apart but I won't chuck it out until I've used all of shades, it's just too good! 

I love their Naked concealer (see above) as it's not too heavy under the eyes and doesn't crease. It's also easily build-able.

Last but not least.....Illamasqua
Another high end, PETA certified make up brand. I haven't tried many of their products but I love the Skin Base foundation. It's definitely an investment at £32, the tube is small but it is really thick so you only need a very small amount. Not ideal for summer but perfect for winter. It's really moisturising and give a natural dewy finish. I'm thinking of trying their lipsticks as I've seen some lovely shades. 

Thanks for reading! I would love to hear what your favourite cruelty free brands are! 


Some Of My Favourite Lush Scents

I'm an avid Lushie and all that started when I received a Lush gift box for Christmas many moons ago. One of the first products I used was The Honey Bee bath bomb which is one of many favourites now. Unfortunately we don't have a bath in our cottage but I often find an excuse to go back to my family home so I can grab a Lush bath!

So let's talk about these wonderful Lush products and their beautiful scents.

Hot Toddy - Not a product that is available everyday, can sometimes be picked up in the Lush Kitchen and available around Christmas time. If you love cinnamon as much as I do, you will die smelling this, seriously, it just smells exactly like Christmas. It even warms the skin when you use it. This is the only bottle I own and I'm holding onto it for dear life. Fingers crossed we will see it pop up this winter.

Karma - Karma Shower Jelly is shown in the photo but this is not the only product Lush make that is Karma scented, they have many including perfume which I use regularly. I've had soooo many compliments from it and people seem surprised when I say it's from Lush (I guess some people think Lush just sell bath bombs). I can't begin to tell you HOW AMAZING THIS SCENT IS. Think meditating in a field, in summer, birds singing with the smell of incense burning. Seriously, it makes you feel like a hippie. Containing lavender, orange, lemongrass and patchouli oil, you kinda get why the product is called Karma, it really is one for relaxing. My favourite product in the Karma line is the Bubble Bar. If you haven't tried it, you haven't lived.

Snowman - I went on a hunt when I had run out of the first Snowman fun I bought for Christmas and found a local lady selling one, don't know what I would have done without it. Snowman fun shares its scent with other Lush products including Carrot Soap and Snowman shower jelly. I find it really hard to describe the smell other than a subtle sweetness. When you have a headache, sometimes you just want something subtle and this is perfect. Run a piece under the tap for subtle scent and bubbles in your bath.

Rub Rub Rub - Think salty, orangey goodness! This really is the scent of summer for me and it's one of my favourite products. Containing sea salt, it works as a great shower exfoliant. Be careful if you have sensitive skin or broken skin as it can sting. I suffer from Eczema and when I have flare ups, I stay away from this because it is just too uncomfortable for me, although I can imagine it would actually benefit my skin as sea salt is great for healing tool.

This is just a selection of my favourite Lush scents, I would be hear all day to tell you them all.

What are your favourite Lush products and Scents? I'd love to hear!